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01-14-2013, 11:38 AM
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DJ- When I said "Throwing out subpar players" I meant "Throwing subpar players out on the ice to play." My fault for not specifing that.

I knew Povo needed a change of scenery that give him ice time. Before the season started I said he should have been traded to give him the chance to grow because he wasn't going to get that chance here. So it's no surprise to me he's doing well in Kingston. He wasn't going to put up those numbers here because he wasn't going to get the time.

About Carlos Amestoy- I was never a fan of him getting cut. Look at my season preview back on the Spirit board. I said he'd be the perfect OA for this team. I'd rather have him over Sutch right now.

Also moving Trocheck did not mean he was subpar. Far from it. We moved him because we are in a rebuilding state. He's not coming back to the OHL next year and he carries value. So why keep him this year if we aren't making a run and we can get something in return that could help us for years down the road. While the return on that trade wasn't great, moving Trocheck was the right idea.

Back to Lopez- I called him a D player for THIS YEAR because that's how he's been playing. I think he was given a chance to show what he could do at the start of the season. Gilbert will give you time if you earn it. Addisons playing better and is now a 2nd line regular. Lodge has been producing well and is now on the first line. Lodge and Lopez each were regular at the start of the season. It's just that Lodge did more with his time than Lopez and therefore has been given more ice time to grow.

I agree with you that a change of scenery would do Lopez good. I could see him getting better SOMEWHERE ELSE. Not every guy you draft or try to develop will work out for you. It may take a trade to help them. Just look at Shalla. Would he have turned into the great goal scorer he became if he stayed in Guelph. Probably not. Lopez CAN be a good player, he just may need a new place to prove it.

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