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01-14-2013, 12:44 PM
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Another really good RPG video game is the Dragon Age series. It might not be appealing if you're not that into fantasy, but Dragon Age Origins had an extremely complex plot that changes quite a bit depending on your choices(moreso than TWD, imo). There was also a lot more character development in everyone around you as well, and depending on how they developed, the story would unfold differently. The only flaw is that your character doesn't actually "talk" when selecting a response.

In Dragon Age 2 they changed it, although depending on what kind of character you had made based on previous choices, what you actually said was a bit different to reflect your "personality", although I didn't like it as much as Dragon Age Origins in terms of character depth and choice. Combat was improved significntly, imo, to be much more exciting than just purely strategic as it was in Origins.

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