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01-14-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsPassion View Post
Galchenyuk (without visually seeing him) looks like he should stick with the club of the season.

For those who argue that we burn a year of ELC (and that seems to be the only argument against him at this point) ... His ELC is still at a cap hit of 3.2Million and his development as a player is worth much more than that year of ELC burned.

I would like to hear those who do not want him to stick, and by that I dont wish to hear about any comparisons about how we rushed prospects such as Latendresse, I will not even entertain that comparison as they are no where close in skill level. Edmonton could have saved their ELC on Nudgent-Hopkins, Carolina with Skinner.. Forget the ELC! If he can help the team, he sticks IMO.
Well, if you say it like that, of course sending him back in the OHL might seem stupid, but the fact remains that strategically speaking, burning off a year on a shortened season where the Habs have absolutely NO chance to contend is indeed useless. Moreover, it is the perfect scenario to draft the final pieces that will allow us to contend on a yearly basis in the near future, which means we will likely have to deal with a losing environment for this season.

Now, we don't know if Galchenyuk is indeed ready. We'll have to wait until the end of his 5 game trial, after which, if he proves he can succeed in a top 6 role (that means producing at the very least over .5 PPG to me), my opinion might change. Otherwise, I rather send him back in the OHL to finish the year and give him a chance to lead his team in the playoffs, even if the odds to see Sarnia pass the first round are slim right now.

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