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The hockey kids are finally back from their camps. 8-0 win The difference from II.1 to III.4 is a shining example of why small countries need a narrower league structure. I've out-scored opponents 120-8 in 10 games. Last season it was 43-295. Two II leagues, four III leagues, eight IV leagues would be much much better.

Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
You definitely put up a good fight against Corona. No shame in that loss.

As for the home/road split, which line-up did you use against me today? I thought I might be in trouble with Bragg injured and one of my starting CMs suspended.
I had a couple of guys suspended (CM & CD) that left me weak down the middle. But it wouldn't have mattered. Your team is too good at home. I also forgot to change tactics. I was going to back everyone up and play some long ball/delay. Oh god. I didn't even change the motivation. WTH? I'm usually on top of the Sunday games.

I went through my roster and decided I had an abundance of players at a position or two and placed a couple of prospects on the market. I didn't need 8 CDs (5 of them 17 or younger) and could do with fewer than 6 CMs. I'd actually like to bring in another starter level CM, but that's probably 3rd or 4th on my list of positions to upgrade. Looking at that list of positions I'd like to upgrade, there's less room to upgrade than I anticipated.
Is it worth it to sell average prospects? I hardly get anything for them and all I can think about is the market penalty increasing.

Coates being my third LD prospect isn't quite true. Racvolgyi is 18yo and is getting more and more playing time already. I'm surprised he hasn't hurt the team more. Havens is 17yo and is really only in the discussion because he's still 6/6. His Qs (89D 78/88/76/66 + 74Shot) aren't nearly as good as Coates (95D 88/77/92/90 + 81Shot). Being two years younger, Coates could actually fill a spot in the rotation if his CL holds up and the others drop too fast. But he's too good, so that won't happen.

On the right side, I have the two 17yos Carpenter (great OR at 821, but 5/6) and Strickland (who is still 6/6 at 17yo and has a decent 727OR). Those two are very good. I need to get Strickland more playing time.

Have I mentioned here that I'm looking for an RM? I was willing to spend over 100M on the right guy, but it turns out he's already on the team. Vernon Mercado is one of those solid but unspectacular pulls (5/6 at 18yo, 877or at 20yo, EQ around 75). He pulled a 22 IGR in a recent game. Not bad for a backup/stop gap for the aging poorly Joe Denno, who only gets a 24 igr. I'd still like to find a great young RM prospect. And I might still be on the market for a starting RM, but there's no hurry anymore.

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