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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
I'll explain it. you had no idea who he was before we got him and have no idea what he is capable of. To hope he fails is to also call holmgren a retard which would be two pretty big reasons to start following another team imo.
I knew who he was, I knew he was waived by the Ducks, I knew he was the back up for the Stanley cup team, and I knew he was a vezina nominee. I also rememeber the interviews from his old teammates throwing him under the bus.

I Thought the contract Holmgren offered him was outrageous for a goalie of his calibre. Never was a big fan of his from day one and thought Holmgren should have went a different route via trade for a young up and comer. His poor performance last season was not a surprise and his play in the KHL was icing on my "I new it" cake.

Please feel free to bump these threads when you feel like it, because I know I will. Honestly I shouldn't dislike the guy this much because I know he is going to bought out ,if not this summer next. But his childish attitude (the pick of the thermous) during the winter classic. His stupid incoherent interviews with the media, its not even funny. They way he acted on 24/7, Jagr getting up and leaving the table when Bryz sat down with him to eat. All of it just disgusting. Other teams know our goaltending is out weakest link AGAIN and are laughing and exploiting it.

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