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Originally Posted by Carboneer View Post
Question about Gally...

Why did he wear #15 at the world juniors and why is he wearing #27 at camp (when we know that he'll be wearing #94 for the Habs)?
For the WJC, my hunch is that USA had a "low numbers only" thing going on. If I'm not mistaken, nobody on that team wore a number higher than 30. It's not totally uncommon, the Devils still do it in the NHL I think. It's supposed to deemphasize the individual (because high numbers are seen as unusual or "flashy") and emphasize the team. Again I don't know if that's actually the case, just my feeling.

And for the Habs, rookies don't typically get to pick their numbers in camp. Latendresse was given 84 and stuck with it, Plekanec was given 35 and changed it when he was on the team full-time and it became available, etc. I guess we'll see what Galchenyuk does...I haven't heard any confirmation as to which number he'll officially take.

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