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01-14-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CellarDweller0 View Post
I wasn't going to talk about ALL is trades. The point I was trying to make was that it's quicker for a GM coming in and make changes if all it took was signing cheques without having to deal with shuffling assets. Until this coming summer the Leafs have NEVER had a ton of cap room unless contracts were moved first. Which makes signings a LOT more complicated.

But I'll humour you.

Komisarek & Beauchemin were good signings at the time according to every analyst who cared to voice their opinion. Komi turned out to be a dud on a run and gun style team but Beauchemin (who is still very good for the Ducks) netted us Lupul and Gardiner. Let's call this a 50/50 even though we got two very good players vs. 1 bad one.

Bozak was a free wallet out of college

Connelly was the best available centre at the time (sad but true) and was a short term 2yr deal which again expires this summer. Don't even mention Brad Richards because it was obvious that no-one would sign him other than the Rangers to play for his buddy Torts.

Lombardi got us Franson (whom I like) and let us get rid of Lebderp. Yes the same Lebderp that was a -3 in a 9-3 win over Atlanta.

Ron Wilson was NOT a Burke hire but he did extend him for one year at a time when they were in the playoff standings (I think it was 7th over all?)

Giguere let us get rid of Toskalol and Jason Blake. This was a FANTASTIC move.

Gerber was the only goalie available to sign (not trade) as a backup after they shut down Toskalol mid-season

Everyone was after Gustavson and frankly I think people are harder on him than they should be.

Anything else? I think you might be forgetting about a few trades/moves.

Point is, Tallon only had to write checks for the most part, asset management is a whole different ballgame. It's 10 times worse when you inherit bad contracts with a team full of crappy players because you can't flip crappy players into superstars but you can upgrade to mediocre players and then go from there as contracts expire. And guess what! This summer the Leafs are in a PERFECT spot to sign UFA's. It's too bad Burke will not be the GM to sign them.
Tallon cleared out the entire roster so he could sign a new time. He got lots of prospects for those players. Great asset management. Burke traded bad players for other bad players and signed more bad players on top of it. You have a long line of excuses lined up but Burke completely failed for Toronto. Given his LACK of quality signings, it's good for Toronto that Burke won't be the one tasked with signing new free agents.

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