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01-14-2013, 12:59 PM
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Simple Fantasy Hockey

If anyone is still looking to join a league, I'm doing an ESPN league in the following format.

Five dollars per team. Winner take all. Collecting//pay out through paypal.

Currently, 5 out of 8 teams are taken, 3 spots available. But we can roll with 6 if neccesary. If there is a lot of interest, I'll expand to ten.

Currently 5 out of 8 teams taken. We can roll with 6 if neccesary.

Each team has 3 forwards, 2 defensemen and 1 goal tender. 3 bench spots.

Draft is snake. I will set up a time once the league is filled. Has to be before saturday night. Tenatively planning on the draft being on Wednesday night, Late Thursday afternoon, or Friday afternoon.

Matchups are weekly i.e. you play another team for one week.

The stats that are being tracked are Goals, assists, and save %. You get a win for each stat you are beating your opponent in at the end of the week.

There are 10 weeks in the regular season.

Four teams make the playoffs and each playoff round is two weeks. (Last four weeks of NHL regular season.)

Trade review period is 1 day, LM Vetos.

Waiver order is move to last after claim, never reset order

No transaction limit. But if you are being ******' I will lock your team from waiver picks ups.

If you are interested, send me a PM with your name and email and I'll invite you to the league.

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