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Originally Posted by wingman22 View Post
Tiger, I am 98% sure Yan will not get in. Inside info, appeal ruling.
Decision has not been made Korostelev. Don Cherry will lose his mind. lol

Day is waiting to accept the ES, if he sees that Ottawa is guarenteed. He will accept this. Everything ready to go.
Im somewhat inside as well lol. Have been for a few years now

Day has yet to apply. Application to Hockey Canada cant start yet, as per the 'Exceptional Status' rule. As part of the process, your either in or your out. You can not dictate where you are going, thats part of the mental examinations.

With regards to Yan, he was born in Alaska, but has been an OHL area resident for long enough. Stefan Noesen rule here. Much like Noeson (who was born in Texas, a WHL territory) if you have been a resident for long enough (Yan has been) then there are no issues. Noeson and Yan are actually extremely similar cases.

Not sure who is giving the info, but everyone within the leauge that I have talked to (from Woodley to Baker) all have confirmed that the two will be part of the draft in April.

There is a third player who could be a top 40 player who has residency issues, there may be a mix up between him and Yan?

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