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01-14-2013, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Flyers and no close second. Not sure why this is a question in anyone's mind. Even the Rangers and Caps rivalries have cooled off a bit, but they're not close in either case. Nothing matches the history, geography and fan animosity of Pens - Flyers. It is also the best rivalry the NHL has going by a pretty wide margin (TV wise / hype-wise).

There are other great rivalries but casual fans just aren't as into them or as aware of them. Examples: Rags - Caps is an awesome rivalry, as is Bruins - Habs, etc. But the visibility just isn't there on the national scale. Even old rivalries like Chicago - Detroit weren't as big in during the last CBA period. Flyers are not only our biggest rival, it's the biggest rivalry in the NHL. Like the old Detroit - Colorado rivalry but with a lot more staying power because of the history, youth and geography of the teams.

1. Flyers

3. Caps (because of playoff history - we don't have too much lately with Rags)
4. Rags
5. Habs
That's my list. Really, the hate for the Flyers never has waned throughout my lifetime. I guess you could say it was less intense when the Flyers sucked in the early 1990's or the Pens sucked in the early 2000's. But, every other one of those rivalries comes and goes and maybe lasts a half dozen to a dozen years tops. But, I've known no other emotion but hate for the Flyers.

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