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Originally Posted by ChibiPooky View Post
Why would he be worth less to Colorado than his KHL team? It's an interesting negotiating tactic, assuming he's not bluffing.

"Look, here's another employer who's willing to pay me $X. Now, I'd rather work for you, so I'm giving you the chance to match."
Because comparing an NHL worth is completely different to KHL worth. The KHL has been known to give ridiculously lucrative contracts to NHL players to entice them to stay in the KHL. Wasnt Jagr making over 10M per while here hes making under 5?

Its not a negotiating tactic when you force your employer a minimum.

Not only does he put a stranglehold on the contract negotiations, he also reduces, in part, the teams ability to get full value for him in a trade.

If the avs let him stay in the KHL, it just further devalues his nhl worth, and the notion of his ability to play as effectively in the NHL creep up the longer he stays there.

If he indeed needs any amount over 4M for him to come back, hes completely lost touch with reality and overpriced himself.

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