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Originally Posted by od71 View Post
Taras is a different story. His contract was expiring and Sibir was out of PO zone. After the season he was going to try the NHL. That's why GM traded him (his contract was one of the most expensive) to ease the budget.
This season Sibir is going to try a shot in PO
I haven't heard about any out clauses in his contract. May be I don't know about them, but I doubt that there are any of them. It would have been known.
Actually, Lehtera's rating after Yaroslavl was not very high in the KHL. What out clauses he could talk about?
I was not talking about Tarasenko last season, but in the 2010/11 season. Around March 2011, the Sibir GM spoke with the fans and said that there was a 70% chance that Tarasenko would be playing in the NHL for the 2011/12 season, despite him having 1 year remaining on his Sibir contract. Ultimately Tarasenko decided to remain with Sibir for that following season.

I don't really believe that such clauses would automatically be known about; the team didn't even announce that they had signed Lehterä for 2 years with their official press release. Also, remember last season when they traded the KHL RFA rights of Tarasenko to SKA without any announcement (the initial trade last January was sending Tarasenko on loan until the end of the season).

I think we are going to have to agree to disagree here)) But I would be astonished if the Blues wanted him for next season and he had to remain with Sibir.

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