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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post

When does a team ever HAVE to do it? They do it because it makes sense. Did trading Joe Niewendyke for Jarome Iginla HAVE to be done? No. Did it make the Flames immediately weaker? Yes. But they did it because it made sense to do it.

No reason for us not to do this as well. Not because we HAVE to but because it makes sense.

It's not tanking, it's rebuilding. It would be a great move on our part. If we could get a 1st++ absolutely we should do it.
That's right. We did things backwards. Instead of realizing that we had no chance at winning we continued to make dumb moves like getting Bourque and Kaberle in the misguided attempt to get to 8th place.

If we'd have been smart we would've done the opposite and gone after picks and prospects to accelerate the process.

Last season Washington had another team's pick and I proposed that we should offer up Pleks to get it. Maybe Washington wouldn't have done it but that's besides the point... the point is that the apologists here thought it was crazy.

Well, that pick turned out to be a 13th overall and we could've drafted Grigorenko or some other prospect.

We finished close to dead last anyway and we're not going anywhere this year either. That pick could've been something to be excited about now. But for some reason you see improving our team for the future as being 'morally wrong'... and I don't get this reasoning. There's nothing dishonourable about recognizing your shortcomings and doing something about it. It's smart. We haven't done this and it's why we've been mediocre for 20 years.

What blows my mind is that people continue to defend this as being acceptable (or more shockingly 'honourable'.) There's nothing honourable about perpetually being a bubble team and not improving. Esp when you have the resources that we do and a rich history to boot.
You mean Gauthier lusted after Bourque? I naively assumed that he wanted to get rid of Cammalleri. Of course, the prospect and draft pick obtained in the deal were mere driftwood. Same for the return for Gill and Kostitsyn.

So why have the Habs been mediocre (and at times worse than that) since 1993? It's difficult to explain two decades in one gulp. I could point to a fewl things: the parsimonious outlook of the old Molson ownership, the appointment of Houle and Tremblay (and later of Carbonneau), the dumping of Koivu, the Gomez trade, and errors in drafting (incliuding, IMO. the selection of Leblanc instead of Kreider). No doubt other posters could add to the dossier.

You choose to close your eyes to the acquisition of quite a few prospects (besides Galchenyuk) who could help the Habs pull themselves out of the mire in a few years. I'm sure you could name them, so I won't bother.

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