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01-14-2013, 01:47 PM
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His jersey has soldout at Sabres Store -

Jeremy White ‏@JeremyWGR - Hmmmm. One jersey seems to be selling well. Who's between 24 and 26? #grigorenko

Brad Kaczmarek - ‏@bradkaz96 - @JeremyWGR damn work now I won't get one, are they taking orders at the discounted price?

Jeremy White ‏@JeremyWGR - @bradkaz96 - yes I think so.

LS: Jeremy White sent that photo an hour ago - no word if they put more of his jersey on the rack or not in the meantime or if they plan on having more of his jersey available for people who are attending tonights open practice/scrimmage. Or if once its soldout, its soldout for the day because they can't bring in more of his jersey until the next day. (They make the jerseys at another place and "truck" them in and may only do one delivery per day.)

According to Jeremys second tweet - he thinks if his (or any other player jersey for that matter) is soldout (in your size/color of jersey that you want) and you can't get to the store again before the sale ends Sunday, you can order his jersey right then and still get the 50% off discount. (I going to say this is true - no way the Sabres will want to lose a sale and also pissed off a fan especially now.)

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