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Originally Posted by Gm0ney View Post
Wait are those "career high" conclusions correct? I'm seeing:
  • Career high SH%: Yes, but by only 0.3% over his next best was still +5% over his previous 4 year average. So, good year, no doubt.
  • PP P/60: 3rd highest. Wasn't his career high in 2010 with 4.19? His previous 4 year average was 3.295 PPP/60, so last season was a pretty average year.
  • ES TOI/60: 2nd highest (2010 was career high). 1.485 over previous 4 year average.
Thanks! Good catches. I did Welly's off of my cell phone while in classes (I'm stíll in here). I won't change anything yet because I want to wait till I'm home on my comp to see if it was a typo in my data or I was looking at the wrong years for the ES TOI/60 and PP P/60... I think it was me looking at the wrong year which is what you had pointed out to the higher ones.

I hold by the SH% being inflated. The presence of one inflated year doesn't negate the second. No one not named Stamkos sustains long periods of 14+... Wellwood is a picky shooter and has quality hands, but so do other guys (like Little and Antro) and still they don't sustain huge boosts like that. Most likely a "norm" of Wellwood is between 12-14 which still puts him on the very highend for long term SH%.

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