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Originally Posted by Matt4776 View Post
I agree with you that all I care about winning more than Kreider's development. And for that reason, I hope Glen brings an additional third/fourth line tweener in before the start of the season (although I think if he was planning on it he would've done so already). By trading Dubi and Arty, Glen bet that Kreider was gonna be ready for full-time NHL duty this year. I would love to have the luxury of being able to send Chris back to the Whale to work on his defensive game if he struggles here, but in reality, that would leave us with:


That third line scares me.

I simply think it's best short-term interest for this team to get Chris going early so our third line could look like Pyatt-Boyle-Kreider/Callahan (whichever way you want to look at it) instead of Asham, because again, this could be our only year with both Gabby and Nash.

And I'm sorry if you misunderstood me, I meant "If you think Kreider is a better fit on the third compared to Callahan on the third" not simply Kreider a better fit on third, so that was just a misunderstanding.
You're probably right in the sense that it made it a little easier to let go of AA in the Nash deal, however, it would have been tough to pull it off without including Dubi purely for financial reasons. I agree that the lines look a little scary without Kreider plugged in there, but if the kid isn't ready, then that's the reality we face. For that reason, I was hoping Slats would invite a 3rd liner to camp to provide a little insurance. I was looking at Gilbert Brule as an option. We just can't pin our hopes on Kreider if he's not ready for the job.

No problem. I apologize if my response was rude. Long day at work.

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