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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
Mackenzie is one of the better hockey people in the media. You are bang on with your analysis of him however. He really isn't an analyst as his strength is his unparralled connections in the NHL. Unfortunately he is being asked at times to do more than he is capable of. I liked him alot more when he didn't offer much of an opinion but just delivered the facts.

As far as McGuire is concerned......I can't stand him. He is a pathetic fanboy who does have an encyclopedic knowledge of the players but his attempts to break down the game are laughable. I think some of the less experienced fans are impressed by this but he is just flat out wrong more often than not.

If you ever get a chance to hear Bowman talk about strategies and tactics it is like porn for hockey fans who take an interest in the technical aspects of the game. Another guy who I miss hearing from is John Davidson who was hands down the best analyst going before he left for St.Louis.
agree on the purely X's/O's element of McG's analysis... though I think in part that's by design not unlike the way even quality newspapers present articles in very simplistic forms... the material is aimed at the general audience. The more technically indepth, and accurate, hockey breakdowns wouldn't be of much use to most fans since the NHL is the PHD level of the game, and most fans are still at the elementary school, if that.

what he does bring, is good insight into the emotional/relationship side of the game... which is very much a big part of it & often not as clear cut as superficial observations appear. He's got his own spin, like all of us, but imo he brings a lot of quality perspective that few analyst/commentators seem able to provide.

Hockey has its own culture/peculiarities, but elite sports in general bring out elements of behavior/emotions that few other lines of work can relate to & he does a good job of capturing and sharing that side of things, imo.

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