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01-14-2013, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Drive425 View Post
6 million per is just too much to pay at this point in his career. We have a cap to manage remember? If you want to attract FA's then you need cap space to operate. MDZ understands that and it seems PK does not.
MDZ wasn't the NYR's top Dman for the past year and a half, or top 2 before that.
The season previous to last, he was actually the 5th Dman in terms of avg ice time at ES. He was having a rather average year (to be nice) that was shortened due to injury.
In his rookie year, he was 5th again in ES TOI, not even averaging 15min a game in that situation. PK was averaging about 2min more of ice time at ES alone, and by the mid point of the season, he had surpassed Hamrlik as the #1 Dman of this team.
Now, that's only speaking of ice time.
When you look at negotiation power, in NYC, they have Girardi, Staal, McDo, if MDZ plays hard ball, they can be patient and be just fine thanks to their depth.
In Mtl, if Markov doesn't perform as he once did, without PK, we'd be in huge trouble. Heck, even with Markov, every other Dman have to perform well in order for us to even think of handling the loss of PK. We would need Emelin, Diaz and Kaberle to really step up.

Needless to say, the situation is not at all comparable, I don't understand why people use MDZ's contract as some sort of measurable point. I actually feel Tyler Myers is the best comparable, very very similar up bringing and performances over their two first years. Myers signed 7year deal avg 5.5M, PK could very well get something similar, and he deserves it.

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