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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
He may go out of his way to make big hits, but he's a much better defender than Bickel, who despite his apparently better effort at defense, is a liability that can't be given significant minutes. Fistric has been an NHL regular for years and is the same age as Bickel. He racks up tons of hits, plays tough, blocks shots and is capable of playing more than 10 minutes a night and can be relied upon to do so. If it had been Fistric on the roster in the playoffs the night G and McD played over 50 minutes a piece, you can guarantee he would have seen 3x more ice than Bickel. He's an a whole other level. Bickel is a #7 d-man. Fistric is a reliable #5 physical stay at home, which actually fits our needs nicely for the bottom pairing. Moot point as he's been dealt already, but it's outrageous to think he's not an upgrade over Bickel. He hits more, blocks more and has 5 times the NHL experience. That alone makes him more valuable. Fistric averages over 14 minutes ES and 2 minutes PK per game. Bickel averaged less than 10:30 total last season. We need a guy with experience who can provide more solid minutes. Fistric is less of a liability. For a third, he would have been a great pick up.
To each their own, but I think Bickel gets an unwarranted reputation around here. There was a 8 or 10 game stretch in there where he was logging big minutes and didn't seem out of place at all. In fact, I think he may have sniffed 20 minutes on a couple nights. He had a rough patch to end the season and lost Tortorella's trust heading into the playoffs. It happens. It was Sather's fault for not thinking ahead and shoring up the defense before the trade deadline.

You said it yourself. Fistric has 5x the NHL experience and is only averaging 4 minutes a night more than an NHL rookie in Bickel. I wouldn't ice Fistric over Eminger, and I'd think twice about giving him time ahead of Bickel. That's just my 2 cents.

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