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01-14-2013, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Myron Gaines View Post
Kostitsyn played with Plekanec for long stretches, he wasn't always a 3rd liner.

Check his game log from 2010-2011, he had something like 6 goals in 9 games to start the season, then look after that.

You can also see long droughts in 2012 and many people unlike yourself remember those droughts.

When he was demoted it wasn't only because he was in a scoring drought, it's because he completely disappeared. Kostitsyn was way too far inconsistent, not only in his production, which is not a big problem for a 3rd liner, but in his implication in the game.

I couldn't care less about his projected numbers, most of the time, the situation called for him being demoted, he had to be held accountable for his poor play.
We are talking about him playing on a 3rd line with Eller and Moen... why are you pulling numbers from when he played with Pleks!? And last season was 2011-2012 not 2010-2011... You are all over the place man..

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