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01-14-2013, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
It's just confusing to me, because with Wishart/Landry you pretty much know what you're getting. Wishart is a big guy who isn't physical, brings basically zero offense and mediocre defense. He may still have some upside, but you are taking a pretty big gamble if you are banking on that. Landry is what he is. A bad defender who could potentially help on the PP. Honestly, I see him doing much more harm than good. Ness is the one guy who actually has some sort of upside, but based on his play vs Donovan's play this year - the fact that Ness was chosen makes me scratch my head. They are basically two guys who have similar upside, except Donovan is further along, bigger, slightly better offensively and much better defensively. Just doesn't make sense to me...

As far as up front, it just appears to me that the Isles are content with rolling a 1st line, a 3rd line, and two 4th lines. I just don't see any upside with Nielsen playing as the 2C and Cizikas as the 3C. This is going to be a team that really struggles to score goals. If they had a really strong defense I could live with it. Unfortunately, that's not the case.
I don't understand the Wishart/Landry thing either. It's not like these guys are even as proven or capable as Jeff Finger, Mark Eaton or Bruno Gervais for that matter. They are WEAK AHL players, having them in the NHL is unacceptable to me. And yes, I'd put Donovan ahead of those guys for sure, regardless of his specific professional development and upside at this time. I'd never have Landry/Wishart on my NHL team except as an injury fill-in.

We'll see how game 1 shapes up though, still a long way to go before that decision is final.

Originally Posted by Isles Enforcer View Post
That is spot on about Kadri. I don't want to derail this thread but watching Kadri play in juniors made me think he was the same player Brian Burke thought he would be. Hasn't exactly turned out that way as of yet, but he's still young.

I heard Ranger wants to be closer to home and the NHL travel schedule is something he isn't interested about. I can't rem, but it was for family issues.
Ranger never disclosed why he left hockey, it's something he wants to keep private.

Kadri was awesome in London but has had huge problems adjusting to pro hockey. He plays "rob schremp hockey" - not good.

I don't think he'll make the Leafs this year either. And if you're an all-offense player who can't win a job over Tyler Bozak, that's not a good sign.

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