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Originally Posted by skating101 View Post
Agree to disagree.

You seem to be trigger happy to quickly express your dislike for this 15 year old kid IMO it's personal
There certainly are parents/family friends who post on here. Some are open about it (which is refreshing), while others hide it. Its frustrating sometimes that people who post constructive feedback regarding a player will then get an instant responce defending said player. One of the reasons I backed off of here was because some parents/friends make it a real grind to post on here.

I've said a few constructive things about a 96 born defenceman and get responces back instantly lol. Its expected to an extent, but scouts are not emotionally involved like family and friends are, so they have a better read on things then others. I also think that some of those family/friends would be better served to back off and allow those players to see some constructive criticism, as the only way you get better is by working on your faults. Blaming coaches and ice time online is not going to make the player any better IMO.

With regards to DeFarias, hes a great skater, but does have work to do in other aspects of his game. He will be a mid second round pick IMO. Maybe higher, but can't see it.

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