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Originally Posted by caps4cup View Post
Ugh you're kidding me right. It's impossible to play man to man with an offensive attack! It's not too hard to realize. The Caps were in their one zone 75% of the game chasing the puck. And once they did get the puck back, there were hardly ever any breakout options because everyone was covering their guys and all over the place, being told not to think 1 bit about offense.

Man to man is an awful system. Why do you think no other team in the NHL uses it? It's completely one dimensional and allows no room for offense. And it's not good defense, it's just deciding not to play offense.
LA and Jersey both used aggressive man to man. Yeah, they forechecked a ton and pressed hard on offense but when they had to do defense you had Salvador and Greene chase puck carriers around and rough them as hard as they could. Nashville has man to man too, it's one of their reasons their defense was so good despite only having 2 great defensemen with both playing on the same pairing. It's simply much more effective. Detroit used zone during their glory years a couple years back but their players have more hockey IQ than the rest of the league combined. If we had 6 Alzners I'd be all for it.

Man to man forces the opposing team to constantly hustle and constantly be pressured. Your lower IQ guys like Green, Schultz and Carlson are at an advantage since they know all they need to do is overpower and disturb whoever they are chasing rather than figuring out all the lanes they need to be covering, which they're not particularly good at. Zone gives the opposition ample time to set up plays. When you're doing zone, you're hoping they make a mistake with minimal pressure on them. If you want zone defense in a nutshell watch the Caps Tampa series where we got swept.

It's possible to do man to man with more offensive commitment. Trotz does it in Nashville. Playing man to man doesn't mean you have to pass up empty net chances and dump the puck 90% of the time. That was all Hunter.

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