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01-14-2013, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Myron Gaines View Post
I was gonna bring up the comparison with Armstrong because what I'm trying to say is that despite Armstrong being such a streaky player, and even a bit less productive than Kostitsyn on the scoring department, he's not a player who has question marks on his character and his effort level.

When healthy, Armstrong is your classic 3rd liner, plays a gritty game on a constant level, so when he doesn't score, he doesn't completely disappear. He still contributes with something.

Well, let's hope we do get a healthy Colby Armstrong.
And you'd be a fool to think Armstrong and AKost are on the same level.

Not signing a player means very little. Tanguay saw his salary drop by more than 50% after he played here. He signed a late deal with almost no teams showing interest. Why?? He still produced 41pts in 50Gp. He followed that with a terrible year in TB and had to settle for yet another 1year deal for again, less money.

You cannot be a consistent 20 goal scorer. You won't score 1 goal every 4 games.
It's just a different style of player. A.Ko is not the type of player to skate all over and hit a player, it's just not his style. He will lurk around, trying to find loose pucks and create a play. Don't ask Armstrong to create a play, it'll go nowhere 99% of the time. He's a grinder that will score garbage goals. AK is a finesse player.

However, I disagree about him being unidimensional. He formed a great two way trio with Eller and Moen. I find he was finally settling into a comfortable position where his defensive game improved tremendously. He had good two way players next to him that are more defensively responsible than him, but he brought them a very needed offensive touch that helped them dominate lower opposition, and especially helped Eller. Don't expect this to happen with Moen-Eller-Armstrong. They won't have the same offensive flare unless Eller improved a lot and is able to carry his line.
To me, this was the perfect role for him. Sadly, Cunneyworth opted to break up that working trio for some magical reason.
Also, we knew for a fact AK could step up a play on the top 2 lines in case of injury. I don't want to see Armstrong anywhere near our top 2 lines.

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