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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I don't think theer was any outrage (faux or otherwise) surrounding Harry Z. What he did was stupid but it was clearly not anything to be concerned about. IIRC it was that he sent pictures of an ex girlfriend or posted them online or something and they were of her when she was underage. Illegal, yes but nothing sinister. Certainly nothing like what Cousins is accused of.
There most definitely was - go search the board.

His FRIEND video taped himself with HIS girlfriend and streamed it to Z (whether or not Z had prior knowledge of the transaction at the time is unknown). There are RUMORS that he showed some teammates the video, but nothing concrete AFAIK, but even if he did... who wouldn't have done the same back in HS?

The whole thing was ridiculous... his friend was guilty of being a bad boyfriend and Z was guilty of being a normal HS boy, imo.

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