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01-14-2013, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Geno Machino View Post
actually DK is usually pretty good with his sources within the Pens & as a columnist that is his job to stir up some ****.
I would humbly suggest you spend some time researching what the actual job of journalists is, even if they're sports journalists. He's not a talk show host, he's a sports reporter. And like Rossi and most of others in your town, a seemingly incompetent one.

Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
We don't really need anymore evidence than we already have....

There hasn't been a competent Pens beat guy who understands the game and reports it with integrity since Tom McMillian left.

Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
"Simon, we are disappointed in your lack of dedication, so you're not invited to training camp"

*Arrives at training camp and gets a look with the Pens #1 defenseman.

I'm glad it's the reporter looking like an ass and not Elmer. He's making it, *****es... YAH!

Originally Posted by Gallatin View Post
All this talk about Tangradi's skating and no specifics makes me sad.

Since I spent a good portion of yesterday's practice watching Tangradi I will give it a go. Those true students of the game, feel free to correct me if necessary.

Start with the positives:
Tangradi has excellent top-end speed for a big man, especially a 230 pounder. At speed he has good "edges", and can make tight turns and quick stops, hence he is also reasonably agile. At speed on the rush, he has no problem keeping up with our world class skating franchise Centers.

Now the negatives: Tangradi has issues when not at speed. He is not very agile or quick with his stop and start skating in tight spaces, and he also has a ways to go with his lateral aglity. It usually takes several strides for him to really get going. The thing that pains me, is just how awkward he looks when not skating with any kind of speed and trying to play the puck. I think this draws a lot of critiscm from less informed posters.

So how did I do pinch hitting for the Geno Machine guys?
Mistuh Galla-bini... that is a well-thought-out, lucid and intelligent observation. OverRULED.

(Just kidding about the overruled part... I'll take your word for it as it matches my impressions of him skating in games. Ineffective when stuck down in the corners, more effective when on the move.)

Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
Martin and Dupuis have no business on a PP unit. Especially when there are better options. Same old ****.
It is hard to imagine how a coach thinks those two should ever be on a PP, even in camp. Talk about an offensive skill vacuum. Those guys only convert when someone else creates the offensive opportunity for them / they're left open (basically).

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