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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
Engelland gets NO/ZERO/ZILCH pp time. You don't even factor that in. He's getting zero points on the bench while Martin is getting them at twice the rate on the PP vs 5v5. Martin also averages more 5v5 ice time / game than Engelland. You aren't comparing apples to apples.

Martin has many more opportunities to earn points than Engelland. That means you can't compare his PPG. This is general rule of thumb for comparing ANY players by PPG. It totally lacks context on how they are utilized. You can't ever compare PPG and expect to get reliable results. A "game" is not a standard unit. A "game" is drastically different to Crosby compared to Adams with respect to not only how many minutes they play, but to what type of minutes they play.

pts/60min of 5v5 or 5v4 time is standardizing the players and removing any coach bias from the counting stats. You are comparing "rates" at this point.

Funny how even though Martin averages more pts/game he doesn't score at a higher rate/min of ice time compared to Engelland. These "rates" are fairly consistent year over year.

I wonder what would happen if Engelland was given the same opportunities as Martin? The rates are what would separate the players given equal minutes.
Given equal minutes, I can pretty much guarantee you that Engelland's rates would drop dramatically. Give him the minutes and opponents that Martin goes up against and everyone would be calling for him to be waived or bought out.

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