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Originally Posted by BinCookin View Post
Assets Burke created:

For the most part I think Burke did a great job trading.

Imagine this deal for Kessel.

Actual Deal: Kessel for 1st (Tyler Seguin), 1st (Doug Hamilton) 2nd (Jared Knight)
or THIS deal: Kessel for 1st (Erik Gudbranson OR ryan johansen OR nino neiderreiter);
1st (Nathan belieau or sean couterier or sven beartschi) and Jared Knight

Now, if they had placed 3rd, 4th or 5th last, You probably call the Kessel trade a win.

He gambled, and he lost. He lost his job on this one trade AND that includes Kessel being one of the best players in the league. Gudbranson, Belieau and Knight would be a great trade for Kessel.

Burke was good, he got unlucky.

My plan would have just been to TANK for 4 years
and take edmonton's draft picks. But that is just as risky a gamble.... OH and I would have been fired in 2 years, not 4
How come a Leafs team desperate for goaltending got nothing out of Giggy, who then went on to be lights out for Colorado?

They got nothing out of Stalberg, who was dealt to Chicago for Kris Versteeg. Stalberg had a career year in Chicago (22 goals) and Toronto shipped out Versteeg...who also just had a career year in Florida (23 goals).

Leafs got nothing out of Jiri Tlusty, and shipped him out and he also just had a career year - 17 goals and he has a role in Carolina.

I know they got picks for Versteeg, and Ron Wilson was terrible, but shoving three young guys out and the door and watching them all basically become 20 goal scorers is a bad look for any GM, especially one who is managing a team that needs young talent and scoring.

As far as your Kessel analysis, by any of those potential examples you give - it's still a massive failure for the Leafs. Because you weren't "one Kessel" away from Cup contention, and now, you're in a situation where you're going to have to commit long term to him at like $7 million to keep him, when you could have had promising young talent on entry level deals developing into strong NHL talent.

The Jackets had Nash for all those years, one of the best players in the NHL - it got them nowhere. Same with Atlanta and Kovalchuk. It's only worth sacrificing that kind of price if you are one or two pieces away from contention

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