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From the MJA-User Guide:

You can print any game ticket online via My Jets Account at no additional cost.
Similar to Ticket Forwarding, Reprinting your tickets generates a paper
TicketFast ticket that you can print from your home or office and bring to the game.
From my understanding, reprinting tickets at home (NOT forwarding via email and sending reprinting privileges to a third party) will be free not only this year, but for all years - wrong. If that's the case, you could print all of your tickets at home without forwarding them to others (for free) and distribute them to your STH group physically.

Edit: I stand corrected, which is of course my own fault for not reading the entire section before posting
Open your PDF page(s) and print.
With the implementation of the
Season Ticket Card the Reprint
ticket administration fee of
$2.50 per ticket will be waived for
the 2012-13 season.
That kind of sucks, although it does make sense as there would then be an easy easy way to get around the $2.50 forwarding charge.

You think they'd maybe implement a kind of "charge" card, in which you can request a certain number of cards with each ST package. Before shipping and sending out the tickets to STH, you'd be able to distribute certain games to each card. Could be an easy check-box menu on My Jets Account. Any further changes to tickets can be done via forwarding for the $2.50 fee.

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