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Originally Posted by UnrealMachine View Post
My understanding was that we were comparing the offensive abilities of the two players. Ice time is allotted by several factors and overall offense is usually a lesser factor for D at ES. Martin may get (a lot) more PP time, but the results that he has produced there seem to only demonstrate that to be a mistake. Martin makes almost 10x that of Engelland. Which one is making more efficient use of their ice time?
first of all, money has nothing to do with the discussion. second, I'm not suggesting Martin is a great option for the powerplay. Just that he's better than Engelland. When factoring in things like skating the puck into the zone and keeping the puck in on attempted clearing attempts, I don't see how its even debatable.

As far as the stats go, neither of our stats are overly useful. His are bad because they ignore factors like the quality of competition. My stats are 'unfair' because they are playing different times and whatnot. Mine include absolutely everything, including things like potential coach bias. Either way, my point was that stats really don't tell the whole story.

The whole story here being that Martin is obviously a better offensive player than Engelland.

Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
At 5v5, (GIVEN EQUAL MINUTES) it is not a terrible speculation....As stated in the stats, Letang really separates himself from the pack on the PP. That is why his counting stats are much higher. Engelland has demonstrated that rate (.2g/60min) for 2 seasons now. I would not think it is a fluke.

I would not expect DE to be as good as Letang is on 5v4. It is a decent bet that he would be better than Martin. Isn't that what this was all about to begin with?

Engelland does play against lessor competition compared to Letang, but they are closer than most would think in scoring.
And you don't think the fact that your stats are completely ignoring quality of competition or factors such as player fatigue make them unreliable? Because there is no way Engelland would put up even close to Letang's numbers if he suddenly replaced Letang in all situations. He simply wouldn't.

As far as Martin vs Engelland, I guess we can agree to disagree. Neither are good PP options. In my opinion, Martin is a significantly better one due to his skating at least.

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