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01-14-2013, 04:49 PM
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I am very confused about this story. The NPR article contains a link to the actual study. The name of the study is "Lifelong Bilingualism Maintains Neural Efficiency for Cognitive Control in Aging". The article is probably behind a paywall but I have access because I'm a student... I searched the pdf and there is exactly one appearance of the word "Alzheimer": it's in the title of one of the papers that is cited. I skimmed through the text and found no mention of Alzheimer's or any other specific neurodegenerative disease. The article shows that old people who are bilingual perform better at a certain task than monolingual people.

There is absolutely no data shown about any of the molecular pathology of Alzheimer's. Nothing about Amyloid B plaques. Nothing about tau protein neurofibrillary bundles. Nothing even about soluble amyloid levels in the brain. I honestly don't see how NPR got Alzheimer's out of the article. Am I missing something?

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