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Originally Posted by Jacko95 View Post
This is absolutly wrong, if you draft right and sign the right FAs you can get rebuild without trading any big names.

I take Tampa as an example, as I am a Tampa fan and follow them a lot

They traded no big name of their franchise in the last 4 years and with 5 great draft years and some decent undrafted signees we are ready to go big in 2 seasons.
we have at least 3 guys out of every draft with good/great NHL upside and signed along with 3 great FA signings (Conacher, Johnson, Korobov) and Gauthier is starting to show big promise in the AHL as well.
Well their biggest trade was Downey to Col for a first rounder from Det (3team-trade) and they are only a year or 2 away from contention.

Yes if you trade yor stars the rebuild is quicker but its very important to have a face of your franchise who can carry the young guys and so on, I would be as happy with Iginla retiring in Calgary as a flames fans, as I am with Lecavalier playing his entire hockey life in Tampa ( and yes I think he is overpaid)
Tampa drafted Stamkos first and Hedman second, even with the big players they got good picks.

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