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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Update on our league ringers.

First four games they had:

Player 1: 14 points = 3.5 ppg
Player 2: 11 points = 2.8 ppg
Player 3: 10 points = 2.5 ppg

Now about halfway through the season:

Player 1: 21 points = 2.6 ppg
Player 2: 18 points = 1.8 ppg
Player 3: 15 points = 1.4 ppg

So they came back to Earth a bit, but no way should someone be playing our league and getting over 2 points per game.

We also have another guy getting 20 points in 10 games for 2.0 ppg.

Clearly the league just doesn't give a crap.
It's too time consuming to enforce all of this stuff. And when you do enforce them, it gets socially tacky. Not everyone is that easy to deal with.

Now, if you're running a really high end league, that's a different story.

There's one league I know in particular that's really strict in terms of enforcing ringer rules (along with excellent facilities and better officials), but its also the most expensive league to play in.

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