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01-14-2013, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
Why would networks hand over millions of dollars if the games could be viewed elsewhere?
Maybe NHL Network should have spent the money improving themselves as a network, like HAVING OFFSEASON PROGRAMMING. I understand blackouts, but to blackout every game that's on NHL Network is really dumb, especially since GCL and NHL Network ran by the same people (I think).

As for why networks would have millions of dollars for games that could be viewed elsewhere, why does NBC offer internet streaming than? Why can't they stream the NHL Sports Network game?

As for a better question, why would I pay what the NHL is asking for when I know a lot of the games I would want to see are already on national TV. I'm a hockey fan, living in the Bay Area so I already have blacked out sharks games. As for the other games, there's no way in hell I would see a Caps/Pens game on GCL because it's blacked out.

In terms of the whole argument regarding cable and being a sports fan, it is almost like cable companies hold sports fans hostage the most. They know you'll ingest what they bring you, so there are no OPTIONS for the consumer. You pay, or shut up. I just wish there was a suitable compromise in this situation but of course there won't be.

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