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Originally Posted by JDMSG View Post
I need some help with my jersey. I received this jersey as a gift a year ago, it is an authentic NYR heritage jersey that was ordered off I attached the photo to my post, and as you can see the picture on the right is my jersey, while the one on the left is one I saw in a store (which is done correctly). The white outline of the number is too thin on my jersey, and I know it's supposed to be more thick like the one on the left.

Just wondering if anybody else has had this problem? Was I dumb for getting it off And is it worth it to get the TV numbers redone? I spoke to a guy who does jerseys and he said he can put the correct numbers on there, but it MAY mess up the fabric on the jersey. Just wanted to see if anybody else had this issue, or had any suggestions.
I have found it next to impossible to get the authentic numbers and lettering on the heritage jerseys. there is always something wrong with it. for example, I ordered a Richards jersey from ice jerseys last year and had to return it. the lettering was arched like the home and away instead of curved like the heritage is supposed to be. then I ordered a premier heritage jersey from pro-jerseys and while the lettering is properly curved, it is thinner than the real jerseys.

so basically, I haven't seen a proper heritage jersey lettering worn by anyone, so try not to worry too much about your jersey.

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