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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
not sure why you have Chase De Leo dropping on your list as besides Blake Clarke and DeAngelo, he is the only one on that list playing at a higher level. And he will absolutely smash his first year numbers for Portland as he almost has the same point total as last season but in 27 less games. no reason for him to be behind some of the names you have ahead of him on the list.

Also like Eiserman and Gersich better than where you have them at..I think both are better than Milano imo..

Demko is too high. Kid is solid but I wouldnt have him where you do. Possible top 10 range for him, but thats my personal gripe with goalies as it is to difficult to rate them with skaters.

Keegan Iverson will take some heat for his u17 performance, but he still has more upside than a few of those kids on the list. Again, he is playing in the CHL and has the size right now to be an NHLer. He needs to get more consistent and get that confidence needed to be a player, but I think he still deserves a top 10 spot...likely 9th or 10th imo.

Pretty bad draft year for defense so far from this age group. DeAngelo is a late 95, but outside of Glover, there really isnt anyone to really even talk about yet as a top 45-50 player. A few will rise, hopefully Wesley being one of them, but at least there is some solid forwards that could go pretty highend.
For Deleo i watched him play a few times this year and i feel as if he is overrated. Still great player and puts up good stats but I just think that Wilkie and Larkin passed him up with there u17 World Challenge play.

And yes Eiserman and Gersich are premier prospects but i dont know if they will develop to be as good as some of the players in the top 5 as they are filled out already and don't the skill set as the players in the top 5.

Demko could very well be the next great USA goalie.

And yes it is a very week year for defense but I feel that it is decently strong everywhere else.

What would your top 10 nhl prospects list look like for 2014 draft?

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