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Originally Posted by hockieguy View Post
I didn't say that all three were a problem in KV. I said that there was a problem "on the ice" with one of them. Actually, from what I heard, all three are good guys etc. But, if many of the scratches, 3rd and 4th line guys felt that the one kid was played way too much, with not great stats to back that much icetime.

Also, i hope that someone on KV has a chat with Seether and TELL him stop stop sulking and play the game. I have been to 4 or 5 games where he looks like a spoiled bratt if he gets knocked off the puck or someone doesn't pass to him. Time for him to grow up a little.
Originally Posted by Ottawa Guy View Post
He is a 17 year old kid, by definition he has a lot of growing up to do as do many other 17 year olds in the league, these kids go from being the stars on thier minor hockey to junior where not evrything goes thier way. Not all mature at he same time, often they do not even understand the message they are sending with thier body language....give the KID a break, there have been lots of players that playing in CP has not worked out for.
I think Hockieguy has a point. Sure he's 17, but he's not talking only about CP. Take a look at him in KV. He does seem to have an attitude and frankly it doesn't seem to change regardless of who he is playing with!

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