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01-14-2013, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
To be fair, at least DeSantis might actually help the dogs win a few games. Not losing every game has it's developmental advantages.
Nash was second on the team in +/- before he left (+5) along behind Nattinen. Not that he was having an incredible season, but the games I watched, he looked decent enough. Definitely not as strong as he was pre-injury, but still solid. His PPG average was a little weaker than his first year, but the quality of team was also much stronger in his first year.

I just think a player that made the NHL during his first year in the minors, out of left field, is not the guy we should have let go because he's not played incredible in 25 games since returning from injury. He's also a career +27. I know +/- isn't everything but it's not a horrible indicator when it shows a consistent pattern.

I don't know, I just guess I think we have enough offensive style defenseman, which DeSantis is, rather than the 2-way hockey that Nash brings.

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