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01-14-2013, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
BUT, here's the kicker. If DiPietro gets INJURED again, than not only does his salary still count towards the cap (because remember: LTIR doesn't REMOVE a player's cap hit, it only allows a team to ADD MORE to their cap to replace the injured player), then the Isles get a player to count towards their cap hit, while at the same time having whichever insurance company is insuring DiPietro's contract pay DiPietro's salary.

At least, that's how I understand it. No doubt, the Isles would dump the guy for free, but in a weird, twisted way, if he gets hurt, he actually has some value for them by not playing.
That's what I thought was the case as well. If he's injured, the insurance on the contract pays for it. All they'd be doing is getting rid of a dead cap hit.

You have a lot of answers for people's questions Roger, but it is pretty obvious the Isles aren't going to give up a probable top 10 pick in the draft just to undue the Leafs/Isles past mistakes. Not to mention they are taking Komisarek's contract back on top...Yuck.

Wang bought out Yashin already. And he didnt give up a sure fire contributor in the future to do it.

Would the Leafs really pay $24M for a 1st round pick too? Are things looking that grim?

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