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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
Hah, my team has 6 guys with PPG range between 1.8-4.0 (guy with 4 has played 4 games), but we're already at the top so there's nowhere else to go really. Well for a while there they merged Div 1 and 2 into a single div so some scores got run up there, but they've undone that change so we're back in div 1 again (a high B level probably). For your examples though I don't think there's anything wrong if a team has a player or two that's 2.0 PPG or below.

But yeah since I started playing a second league this season I remember why ringers suck again. My team #2 is in the bottom divisions, and it always sucks those games were it would be a close game and/or we would have won but the other team had 1 guy who could skate through everyone and got 5+ points. Win or lose it's much more fun when you play another team where everyone's on the same page.
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