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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post

It's been almost 8 months since you've bought a player,you're 1st in the league in cash (and 3rd in the USA), your stadium will be at max capacity in 44 days, and your facilities are maxed out or under construction with the exception of SA. Is there something your saving your money for?
I've tried buying players. For a lot of money, too. I just haven't been successful. Yet. The only place to spend money is the midfield. I'm happy with McCready, Lemieux, Diaz and Korbetsky up front. That's good starters and depth/prospects. Defense is running six deep right now and I already mentioned the prospects.

The midfield, once a decent strength although never truly great, is where I need to improve. It sold have been done as soon as the SMs dropped to 3/6. It's probably a mental thing. I'm too attached to Bamburg & Denno. I need to find their replacements and then sell them. And I don't have great CMs either. Adams is the only one getting a decent IGR, Stamper produces and Harris is a decent third wheel. I've tried to upgrade both positions. I know I was outbid at least once when it went over 200M. RunnyOnion's last big purchase would have been mine, but I literally missed the end of the auction by seconds.

I'm surprised to hear that I'm first in the league in cash. I think I only have 230M.

And yes, I meant to start on High. If you were up by two (or three, hadn't decided), I would have dropped back to Normal. Ifit was tied, I would have gone VH. That could have been a big three points for me. Just make sure you take care f business against my rivals

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