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01-14-2013, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozen Failure View Post
The Red Wings are pretty tough to play against and their lineup hasn't exactly been very... rough and tumble lately. They just have tenacity in their bottom 6 and some solid D-men.

Fistric's puck skills are basically zero. His mobility isn't that great. He'd basically been replaced by Aaron Rome as the team's 6/7. I think Rome has considerably better puck skills and just as much physicality. Plus the Boston show'll be much more interesting next year.

It's not a bad trade. It's a completely logical trade to open a defensive roster spot and get a pick back for a guy that would likely never play because of his lack of actual systemic value.

I'm just not sold on Rome playing regularly. Or Jordie Benn. To be honest I'd really love to see Oleksiak stick, and I understand the displeasure of possible low ice time, but it's a short season and his ELC is ticking.
@ first bolded bit: God, really? That sucks. Rome's not really physical. His hit on Horton in the SCF was the only major penalty he'd ever taken in his career by that point. Puck skills...uh...if dumping the puck off the glass to centre ice equates to puck skills, the he's got lots.

@ second bolded bit: Nor should you be.

I have to admit I was surprised when I heard how little Fistric went for. Remember his WHL days here with the Giants; I gather he hasn't developed as much as projected. Anyway, if you're honestly looking at Rome as a better option...well, good deal for Dallas I guess.

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