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Originally Posted by M0NTY26 View Post
Why are so many people on Adams case? This is something I've never understood. He's a fourth line plugger thats good at faceoffs and killing penalties. He also battles hard as hell each time he's on the ice. Some of you act like he should be producing 20/20 each season.
People are on his case because:

1) He provides nothing other than PKing ability. Has never been a positive contributed to helping the team at 5v5. Pens do bury the 4th line with a lot of zone starts in the D zone, so keep that in mind. Pens are "eating" his negative 5v5 play to "benefit" from his 4v5.

2) His 4v5 results aren't the best on the Pens. He has consistently been the 4th or 3rd best of our starting PKers in goals against average / 60min SH ice time. I would expect to see him consistently at #1 or #2. Pens usually have 2-3 forwards better than him at PKing. Cooke, Staal, and Dupeprs (in that order) are all usually better than him in GAA/60min of 4v5 time over the past 3 years. This passes my "sniff test" because all 3 of those players are better overall than Craig Adams. Why wouldn't they be better in 4v5 results too?

3) Playing the point on the PK is an easily replaceable skill that can be filled by just about any depth forward. Even if they (a replacement) aren't elite at it, the results are not that different over a course of a season. We are talking about 1/8th of your PKing squad. Even if Adams was 20% better than his replacement, you are then dividing that difference by 8 to get your end, team result. You end up with a small "prize" to be won by just focusing on PK results. I don't even know if the difference even adds up to a single goal against from Adams to his "replacement". His replacement is probably Vitale..who is pretty good on PK and much better on faceoffs.

4) Adams has no other marketable skills...not good at faceoffs (43% is bad), terrible fighter (not like it really means anything anyways), not good at drawing penalties.

He does throw a lot of hits and you can look at it either way. Good - punishing opponents and creating turnovers. Bad - means Adams doesn't have the puck and could potentially be taking himself out of the play. Getting a ton of hits is neither good or bad to me. It's like blocked shots. Great, you blocked a shot....why was the puck in your zone to begin with?

5) He's 35. Adams is not getting any better or possess any potential to develop into anything else. This is it. He is holding young guys back who could be benefiting from his icetime.

Heres another opinion:

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