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06-18-2006, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by CoupeStanley
I love Saku, dont get me wrong. I think he has a cup in him. A glorious cup! A habs cup. A cup he'll be a tremendous leader in it. I think he's a very good captain.. but he's no Joe Sakic.

It's time we choose another one to go all the way.

Since we decided to build our team around him, we sacrificed Pierre Turgeon, Mark Recchi, Vincent Damphousse and we're near to bring it to an end with Mike Ribeiro, for the Finnish guy with no finish.

What did he bring us? We all like him.., but lower PPG than most of them. We all like him, but frankly.... NOTHING.

I really love the guy. But I hope we find another choosen one REALLY soon, because I can't stand him anymore in that role. It's the knee, if it's not the knee it's the shoulder.. If it's not the shoulder it's the cancer.. If it's not the cancer it's the eye... If it's not the eye, it's the whatever that will happen next year... If it's not the whatever he'll retire or that gonna be the knee again.

I like him, don't get me wrong, I think, I really think he's one of the top-10 player in the league in term of talent, hearth and all-around value as a hockey player... If I know I have a big game to win, and I can pick anyone. He'll be at the top of the list because I know he can. He can beat most of them in a good day. But if I need someone to carry the most glorious team in sport history, he's not the guy.

Sorry! That's it. You can blame the french media, the french guys, or anybody else to say in another way what I said in a single post.

But we're all very right in our own way.

Saku will be a masterpiece to our next cup, but he's not the one who will carry us to it.

Give it up!
Wait til next year. Koivu always perform well in playoff and i dont think Damphousse, Recchi or Turgeon would have bring us a cup (and we dont even talk about Ribeiro), I think Koivu can.

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