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01-14-2013, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by MrBurgundy View Post
Well I am assuming a little bit here, but I don't think it's out of reason to see that Tangradi will be getting yanked around again with random benchings for unknown reasons, and getting replaced by pluggers like Glass or Cooke for the majority of games because they will need that "defensive presence" to secure the lead, or put more proven scorers there to get a lead. If you're going to put him on that line, then put him on that line. Don't put him and 4 or 5 other players on that line depending on the situation.

Tangradi needs consistency, not being bounced around. I'd rather see him play consistently on the 4th line, than play 5 minutes a night on the 2nd. That clearly hasn't helped his development up until now.

Like I said, it's not just Tangradi. Jeffrey has more of a claim to be tried out in a top line position than him, but he's not even in the discussion so far.

I just want to be proven wrong that Bylsma actually knows how to develop and utilize young forwards. What I've seen so far makes it seem like he doesn't though.

edit: I just want people to know what I am upset over isn't the treatment of one specific player. I couldn't give a **** less about Tangradi. Frankly he hasn't proven a whole lot (while not being given a whole lot either). What I'm upset over is Bylsma's treatment of younger players. If you're going to give a young guy a chance, then give him a damn chance. Don't yank the kid around. I don't believe that helps ANY kid develop. I don't care what your pedigree is, if you are constantly worrying about screwing up, or aren't being given consistent minutes, or aren't being shown confidence by the coaching staff to keep putting you back out there, you aren't going to get better, and you're just going to keep worrying about every single little detail that should (and probably has) come naturally at this point in your career.
I'll step right up and say I care about Tangradi doing well. I'm not worried about what others think or pandering to the people who love to rag on this kid. I want him to do well because he has the tools to help this team win.

Tangradi is talented and if this team can't develop him into a top 9 player, there is an issue there with this org.

There is zero reason he shouldn't be at worst an effective third liner. Zero.

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