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Originally Posted by skating101 View Post
You got it all wrong mapleleaf I have no interest in any MM hockey Player or Team and think challenging certain views is healthy to this form and prevents you or Chewer on getting too drunk on previous success. No worries I'm not going anywhere and I'm sure you would love to be proven wrong as much as I would.

I think many of bloggers have personal interest and don't like it when their favorites are mention or mentioned negatively.

Its a blog, and people have the right to share their opinions. I try to focus on the positives and strengthens and try to avoid criticizing atleast till their 18.
I dont appreciate being called a drunk and affiliated with Mapleleaf979. LOL

In all seriousness, this forum allows for all people to voice their opinions, whether positive or negative. For a player to be mentioned on this blog, should be a compliment first of all.

But to expect that all bloggers will express positive comments is unrealistic and defeats the purpose. Life is not perfect, and not is all fair. If you cant accept constructive criticism, tough luck.

I dont think that any of the bloggers are malicious, and most, including myself are just being armchair quarterbacks and providing their opinions. To say that a kid will go in the 2nd round, and requires a more complete game, is a positive and not negative. Maybe it didnt put another trophy on your mantle, but thats life.

I have made comments about Strome being an 8-10 pick and have been raked over the coals for that by almost all, but thats my opinion on the kid. Not because I have something against the kid or Marlies, but because I think he doesnt impress, or stick out like the other top end picks. Only time will tell whether I was right or wrong. But I will not agree with all, just so we can have a positive blog, is ridiculous.

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