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01-14-2013, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by nmbr_24 View Post
MAF is a mediocre #1 goaltender, average, middle of the pack, he isn't going to stop that many shots when the team is letting the opposition have a clear path to the net.

I saw Sidney Crosby blow his coverage on his man more times than I can remember in that Philly series. Giroux had his way with him and looked like a better player than Crosby for that series. When your leader leads like that your team is probably going to have trouble unless you have a steadying force, like a very good shutdown D to counteract that. Crosby probably just got overwhelmed with emotion in that series, he certainly looked like he lost control of his emotions, but teams follow their captain.

My guess is that if the Penguins would have had a defensive guy who could not only calm down the room but back it up with his play, they would have beaten the Flyers.

The Penguins have several problems, my point is that the absolute least of their problems is a scoring winger.

Just to clarify because I know people will get bent out of shape, I think Crosby is the best player in the game he was just over his head as far as leadership goes in that series and the fact that he was out for so long is no small part why.
Its not a problem, but they have the money to get a legit top winger nd a defenseman. The way you are talking is as if the pens get a 3-4 mil a year wing they wouldnt have the money for a solid defenseman still.

People go after Pens fans like they havent been in the playoffs the last several years and went to 2 cups(when they had better wingers) and defenseman. Your argument is moot.

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