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Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
This board in general is biased by many who don't even know how to skate let alone rate a defensman who doesn't put up 50 points a season... White had a crap year learning a crap system in the D zone. I watched him play for years in NJ and he was above average most years. Moving to the west coast wasn't a good fit for him. This board always tries to find a scape goat for all that ails the team when more often than not it's more complex than simply blaming one or 2 players.
if you don't like the "biases" of this board, you're more than welcome to find a board that suits you better. And pulling the "you didn't play the game, ergo you're not fit to judge it" bit is crap.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to not be harassed or harangued personally for it. Attack the post, not the poster.


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