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01-14-2013, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Cyborg Yzerman View Post
ITT: People don't get Ryan Lambert's sense of humor, or that most of his articles are completely tongue and cheek.
Oh I fully know what he tries to do, he just doesn't pull it off that well. There are some other guys who are much better at it, he scored that Yahoo gig on the back of the increasing popularity of "edgy, humorous" sports writing but he's always been a second rate practitioner of it. To be fair that could be said about a fair few of the Yahoo! guys who try that "hip ironic sports writing" act for Generation Youtube.

Oh and I know Lambert really, really doesn't like the Wings. The guy has been hating on the Wings for a lot longer than he's had that blog and he's not kidding about it, he tries to transport his dislike in terms he considers humorous jibes but it's genuine.

I feel dirty for writing so much about a 2nd rate Yahoo blogger because that no doubt validates him.

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