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01-14-2013, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
That is my entire point. This team has Diaz, Weber, St-Denis and Kaberle.

Only one of those four should be on this team. They are not what this team needs.

Pick one. They are pretty much interchangeable with regard to their defensive ability. Get rid of the other three.

And never did I want a fat slow player on D. But thanks for making the extreme into an absurd desire that I do not want.
No I was just saying that in Ice Hockey for Nintendo, you get to choose between either the fat guy who hits hard or the skinny guy who skates fast, but in reality every player is different and a defenseman isn't necessarily better than Diaz just because he plays physical. Replacing Diaz with Commodore makes our blue line worse. If this was the Commodore of a few years ago it would be a different story, but Commodore was poor last year and has not shown in the AHL he can still keep up with NHL pace. There's a reason the Bulldogs were able to sign him so easily.

All 4 of those guy you mentioned are tradeable, but at least Diaz and Kaberle have NHL value. The jury is out on Weber and I'd move him before his value decreases since I don't see him playing much this year. St-Denis has little value and is fine for the AHL and as an NHL emergency callup. The D is undersized and that's one reason it's probably going to suck, but we missed out on the free agent market and only have Boullion to show for it.

With Subban, Emelin, Boullion who Therrien will probably start, and to an extent Gorges, all of our pairings should have a guy who doesn't get pushed around very easily, with Kaberle and Diaz fighting for who gets the honor of playing with the cube. The only "soft" pairing I can see is Diaz and Kaberle, which isn't exactly ideal but would see little even strength minutes.

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